Admissions are strictly on merit and are equally open to both sexes. The University however reserves its right to devise quotas and preferences when circumstances require such action.

Eligible candidates applying for admission in all programs will have to qualify the entry test to be conducted by CECOS University on the date and time to be notified by the University. The test will be conducted in the subjects of mathematics, general knowledge and English of Intermediate level(or any other subject, the University deems appropriate). Candidates having valid test results of NTS/ ETEA/ HEC will be exempted from this test.

Admission to all programs will be made strictly on merit which will be determined according to the following, weightage.

  • 10% weightage to S.S.C. Examination (Matric)
  • 40% weightage to Intermediate (Pre-Engg) or equivalent examination
  • 50% weightage to entry test

The University can admit those candidates who qualify the prescribed Entry Test and fulfill the eligibility requirement(s) for admission in the relevant discipline. After declaration of results of Entry Test, Admission Committee shall consider all valid applications received for admission. The Admission Committee will process the applications according to the criteria of admission and availability of seats.

Candidates provisionally selected bathe Admission Committee may be called for interview/ admission on a specified date. Provisionally selected candidates shall be required to deposit the University dues and complete the admission formalities including, the filling of the prescribed class enrollment form by a specified date failing which his/ her right for admission shall be forfeited and the seat(s) so vacated shall be filled in from the candidate(s) on waiting list.
The Admission Committee will recommend the names of the provisionally selected candidates to the Vice Chancellor for approval. The admission will be provisional and shall not mean any commitment or entail any legal liability till the relevant academic documents of candidate(s) have been checked for their correctness by the quarters concerned and the admission is otherwise confirmed by the Vice Chancellor.

Selected candidates shall be informed through Merit / Selection list displayed on the Notice Board and website of the University ( per schedule of admission and it will be responsibility of the individual candidate to check his/her status.


  • A student must have attended at least 75% of the classes held in a course in order to be allowed to sit in the final examination.
  • Student having class attendance less than 75% in a particular course will be required to repeat the course when offered again.
  • Willful absence from classes for a period of four weeks at a stretch during a semester/summer session shall result in automatic cancellation of the registration of a student from all courses in that semester/summer session.
  • Only actual attendance in classes shall be considered in calculating the shortage of attendance and no concession in the attendance requirements shall be given on the basis of leave applications including leave on medical grounds. The attendance shall be rounded upto two decimal places only.
  • There shall be no make up classes in order to make up the shortage of attendance of any particular student.


Semester Duration: 16-18 Weeks (including examination)
Number of Regular semesters: 2 in one Calendar year
Number of Summer Session: 1 in one Calendar year
Course Load per Semester: 15-18 Credit Hours
A student will be eligible to appear in the examination provided that

  • He / she has submitted prescribed examination Form along with the prescribed fee to the Controller of Examinations before the due date announced by/the University.
    during the semester he / she has been on the rolls of the University and has cleared all dues and fees of the university..
  • He/she has meet the attendance criteria for appearing in the examination.

In each semester student is required to appear in quizzes, sessional test(s)/ mid term examination, final examination, give presentations, participate in group discussions and submit projects / assignments / lab reports by the due dates. These weightages are determined based on the following criteria:


Quizzes / Assignments / Presentations / Projects: 25%
Mid semester exam: 25%
Final Exam: 50%


Lab work (includes lab assessment, attendance, quizzes and assignments): 30%
Mini Project: 20%
Lab Exam / Viva: 50%

There will be no supplementary/ special exam in semester system; if a student fails any course he/she will have to repeat that course.

Probation and Relegation

  • A student will be placed on probation if his/her semester GPA (SGPA) is less than 2.00.
  • A student will be relegated, subject to one or both of the following conditions;
    • If the student’s cumulative GPA (CGPA) consistently remains below 2.00 for two consecutive semesters.
    • If the student has a total of 5 ‘F’ Grades in theory courses at any particular time during the course of studies.
  • A relegated student shall be re-admitted in the same semester where he/she shall repeat all the courses of that semester in which he/she has been graded below ‘C’.
  • A relegated student whose Semester GPA (SGPA) remains below 2.00 for three consecutive semesters, shall repeat all the previous courses in which he/she has been graded below ‘C’