With a blend of knowledgeable instructors and zealous students CECOS UNIVERSITY offers a life full of new challenges and advancement to all those who yearn to fulfill their dreams and achieve their objectives in their selected field of interest.

At CECOS we believe in providing the students with every facility which will help them in enhancing their existing knowledge, assisting them in exploring new fields and horizons. We make every effort to ensure that anyone who enters CECOS is groomed in every manner so that when he leaves us to join the practical world; he is able to stand tall amongst the rest and achieve great heights of success.

With all the modern age facilities at CECOS, the top most priority is given to assisting the students in utilizing every means available in acquiring the most advanced education / training available

Student Information Center

A one stop shop, as we like to call it here at CECOS, the SIC makes sure that from day one students are provided with all the information they need at one place. At the time of admission whether it relates to inquiring about the course structure and other relevant details or whether it relates to credit transfer, all the matters are dealt from this one desk.


Recently renovated, CECOS University has a library providing the students with latest books and journals which not only assist them in gathering all the information required in completing their course work but also for conducting research. With a vast collection of books and international journals, the students of CECOS can use the extended hours of the library for satisfying their thirst for knowledge.

OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog) for all the library books at CECOS University is launched and can be accessed at https://sites.google.com/view/librarycup/

Computer Labs

With over three hundred computers, there are 5 computer labs in CECOS which are well equipped with free internet access and availability of all kinds of academic software.


CECOS has many students hailing from all over the country. The quality education being provided has also attracted many students from other provinces of Pakistan. The university has arranged for accommodation for many such students at the University Hostel situated near the main campus of the University. With proper rooms and facilities, the University tries its best to provide a comfortable environment to these students.


The university provides its students with an insight into the current market as well as help with working out and implementing strategies in achieving your aims. You may discuss any ideas, concerns and issues on a one-to-one basis with the experienced faculty for in-depth guidance. The university is in regular contact with a large number of opportunity providers including local, nationals and international employers, professional associations and provides the students with every available information on vacancies, recruitment processes, training courses, presentation and occupational information. Vacancy lists are regularly posted on Notice Boards to inform the students about interviews in the leading organizations.


The University has well maintained cafeterias where students can enjoy a variety of refreshments at very affordable prices. These cafeterias provide students opportunities to meet during breaks to exchange ideas and thoughts.


To facilitate the students coming to CECOS from different areas of Peshawar, the University has provided its students with transport facility on most convenient rates. The student, rather than taking a discomforting ride in the public transport prefers to opt for University transport as it costs much less while the comfort is incomparable.

Student Societies

Student societies at CECOS aim to make sure that their time at University is well-spent. Run by students themselves, the societies do their best to keep them informed of important issues, as well as organizing events and
activities for all students. Students can get involved by attending or even by organizing the type of activities they would like to see at the campus. There are also various opportunities for students to help others either through charity events or through voluntary schemes.