Scope of the Research Group

  • Automation and Autonomous Systems
  • IoT Technologies & Applications
  • Data Collection, Localization, Cooperation, Mobility, Medium Access and Routing in Sensor Networks
  • eHealth Systems


Research Projects and Ideas

  • Home Automation System
  • Designing an Innovative Electronic Stick for blind people
  • WSN Localization using a Mobile Node with Directional Antennas
  • Localization of UAVs in 3D Space
  • Adaptive Speed Control for Autonomous Vehicles
  • Designing a Connected Vehicle System
  • Design and Development of a 3D e-learning Platform for First Aid Training
  • To design and develop a system for documenting & mapping historical sites of KPK.
  • Based on 8, to design and develop a GPS Assisted Augmented Reality Tourist Guide for KPK
  • Design and Development of a Pregnancy Support System using Smart Mirror
  • Opinion Mining