Assalam-o-Alaikum Dear CECOSIANS,

As you all know, academic activities have been suspended in CECOS and whole KPK until April 5 2020 in the current situation of Coronavirus. I wish and pray that this crisis be soon over. However, irrespective of the current situation we must start using digital technologies for education and learning and must move toward online learning for the greater good of students.

In this regard, we are planning to continue our education, classes and learning process using Google Classroom Platform. The Platform can be accessed at or via Google Classroom app. Standard procedure for continuing our classes via Google Classroom are:

  1. First, our teachers will create classes for each subject they are teaching (assigned) in Spring 2020. If a teacher is teaching the same subject to 2 or 3 different sections, he/she will create only one class. Students from all sections that he/she is teaching will join the same class.
  2. Similarly, a separate class will be created for Labs
  3. For each class created on Google Classroom, a specific code is generated. That code will be shared with students (used for joining the class). Your teacher or your academic coordinator will provide you the codes for each subject through your Whatsapp groups/Facebook.
  4. All students must join their respective courses on Google Classroom using the codes and then follow the courses using Google classroom website or Android Application.
  5. From Monday March 23, 2020, teachers will start using their classes, upload materials and lectures, distribute and grade assignments and quizzes, communicate with students, and stay organized, all in one place. You will be provided lecture slides, recorded lecture, reference materials and links to other online materials. You will be able to communicate with your teachers using the same app.
  6. For Labs, teachers will upload lab tutorials (what students need to practice at home) for each week and assign one task (assignment) per 2 weeks to ensure that the students are doing their work and following their lab classes. Lab teachers will search practical’s videos on YouTube and will share it with students.
  7. You are requested to please follow the guidelines and continue your education and learning online. All students must arrange a laptop or smartphone and internet connectivity and no excuse will be entertained later on. If you don’t receive your codes or get added to your classes by Monday March 23, 2020, please contact your respective academic coordinator.

Please refer to a very simple and comprehensive tutorial of Google Classroom which is available on the following video tutorial.

Looking forward to your active participation and support in this initiative.