Core Courses

Course Codes Course Title Credit Hours
CS-501 Theory of Automata-II (Advanced Automata Theory) 3
CS-502 Advanced Analysis of Algorithms 3
CS-503 Advanced Operating System 3
CS-504 Advanced Computer Architecture 3
CS-505 Research Methodology 3
CS-506 Statistical Analysis 3

Elective Courses

Course Codes Course Title Credit Hours
CS-601 Advanced Computer Networks 3
CS-602 Advanced Network Security 3
CS-603 Wireless Sensors Networks 3
CS-604 Mobile Adhoc Networks 3
CS-605 Internet of Things (IoT) 3
CS-606 Network Performance Evaluation 3
CS-607 Grid Computing 3
CS-608 Adv. Multimedia Systems 3
CS-609 Vehicular Adhoc Networks 3
CS-610 Advanced Software Engineering 3
CS-611 Agile Software Development Methods 3
CS-612 Software Fault Tolerance 3
CS-613 Advanced Requirement Engineering 3
CS-614 Advanced Formal Methods 3
CS-615 Software Quality Assurance 3
CS-616 Advanced Software Architecture 3
CS-617 Advanced Software Construction and Development 3
CS-618 Empirical Methods in Software Engineering 3