BS Software Engineering

Program Overview

The Bachelor of Software Engineering curriculum has been designed to give the students a good understanding of best software engineering methodologies and practices, emerging technologies, and their application in various industries. The goal of the program is to teach students to become leaders in engineering high quality computing solutions to solve real life problems by conducting high quality applied research. Software engineers design and develop software applications and systems. The working environment of software engineers is team-based, and at CECOS University, students will have plenty of opportunities to polish their team working skills. After the successful completion of the program, student will be able to create, select, adapt and apply appropriate techniques, resources, and modern computing tools to complex computing activities. They will be able to apply their learning and concepts to both theoretical and practical problems and will be able to communicate their knowledge, experience, and ideas at national and international level.

Program Objectives

  1. To provide students with an open and productive environment that fosters professional and personal growth.
  2. To provide an understanding of the fundamental concepts of Software Engineering.
  3. To deliver a strong and coherent Software Engineering program for the development of skilled Software Engineers.
  4. To provide mathematical and logical skills critical for solving computing problems.
  5. To develop skills in order to collaborate effectively through written and oral communication.
  6. To develop effective team working skills.

Degree Requirements

For a BSSE 4 year degree, a student is required to complete a minimum of 130 credit hours (as per HEC policy) including a 6 credit hour Final Year Project.

Proposed Curriculum for BS Software Engineering

Course Group Credit hours % age
General Education 19 15%
University Electives 12 9%
Mathematics & Science Foundation 12 9%
Computing – Core 39 30%
Domain SE Core 24 18%
Domain SE Electives 15 12%
Domain SE Supporting 9 7%
TOTAL 130 100%

Proposed Study Plan for BS (Software Engineering)
4-Year Program (8 Regular Semesters of 18 weeks each)

  Semester – I  
Code Course Title Credit Hours
CS 101 Introduction to ICT 2-1
CS 102 Programming Fundamentals 3-1
EG 101 English Composition & Comprehension 3-0
MT 101 Calculus & Analytical Geometry 3-0
NS 102 Applied Physics 3-0
Total 14-2
Semester – II
Code Course Title Credit Hours
CS 115 Software Engineering 3-0
CS 104 Object Oriented Programming 3-1
EG 103 Communication & Presentation Skills 3-0
CS 103 Discrete Structures 3-0
UE 101 University Elective – I 3-0
Total 15-1
Semester – III
Code Course Title Credit Hours
SE 102 Software Requirement Engineering 3-0
CS 106 Data Structures & Algorithms 3-1
CS 116 Human Computer Interaction 3-0
MT 102 Linear Algebra 3-0
SC 201 University Elective – II 3-0
Total 15-1
Semester – IV
Code Course Title Credit Hours
CS 109 Operating Systems 3-1
SE 104 Software Design & Architecture 2-1
CS 110 Database Systems 3-1
MT 103 Probability and Statistics 3-0
UE 102 University Elective – III 3-0
Total 14-3
Semester – V
Code Course Title Credit Hours
SE 101 Software Construction and Development 2-1
CS 305 Computer Networks 3-1
CIT 201 Technical and Business Writing 3-0
SSE 101 SE Supportive – I 3-0
SSE 102 SE Supportive – II 3-0
Total 14-2
Semester – VI
Code Course Title Credit Hours
SE 103 Software Quality Engineering 3-0
CS 118 Information Security 3-0
SS 101 Professional Practices 3-0
SEE 101 SE Elective – I 3-0
SSE 103 SE Supportive – I 3-0
CS 404 Web Engineering 3-0
Total 18-0
Semester – VII
Code Course Title Credit Hours
SEE 102 SE Elective – II 3-0
SEE 103 SE Elective – III 3-0
CE 130 Final Year Project – I 0-3
SE 106 Software Re-Engineering 3-0
SE 105 Software Project Management 3-0
PK 102 Pakistan Studies 2-0
Total 14-3
Semester – VIII
Code Course Title Credit Hours
SEE 105 SE Elective – IV 3-0
SEE 104 SE Elective – V 3-0
CE 130 Final Year Project – II 0-3
UE 104 University Elective – IV 3-0
PK 101 Islamic Studies/ Ethics 2-0
Total 11-3

University Electives

Foreign Language
Social Service
Management Related
Social Science Related
Economy Related

SE Supportive Courses

Business Process Engineering
Formal Method in Software Engineering
Operation Research
Simulation and Modeling
Stochastic Processes

SE Electives

Agent-Based Software Engineering
Big Data Analytics
Cloud Computing
Computer Graphic
Computer Vision
Game Development
Global Software Development
Mobile Application Development
Information System Audit
Management Information Systems
Multimedia Communication
Natural Language Processing
Realtime Systems
Semantic Web
Software Engineering Economics
Software Metrics
Systems Programming
Visual Programming
Data Science Technologies
Machine Learning
Data Warehousing
Data Mining
Artificial Intelligence
Design and Analysis of Algorithm